The Long Dark: Escape too Canada!

Ms Nutcracker

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Has the game got you excited to visit Canada and do exploring and even outdoor survival? It has for me! And it has shown me how we need to appreciate all the wonder things we see out there in the wild! And go to a zoo and just go outside and see the real thing! That is the deep silent calling of the Long Dark!

Here is a pic to illustrate!





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I am just small Tardigrade organism! The pics are not mine! :) But I just posted them to show that the Long Dark is a desire to go to canada and into the wild! :) The team will have more of this because they live in canada!

If you have some nice pics of canada please post them! :) Perhaps some wildlife? Get excited about Canada there is real big potential for the Long dark! it could be even use in TV ads to attract people to Canada! :)

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