Long term Real Data maps & laser scanning?

Ms Nutcracker

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Instead of using fictional maps perhaps later on real data maps of canada can be used? And Procedural generation could be use for somethings like trees so it still is possible! :)

Why not have it long term so most of canada landscape can be in the game? What better way to get people to love the Canadian landscape? It will help tourism in the area! :) So using terrain data to create the maps and perhaps laser scanning to create an accurate representation of the area is an idea? Again there are games that has done this with laser scanning.

Like with American truck simulator they have a miniature america and over the years they will try and cover it all so perhaps the Long Dark could do the same? Release small areas at the time and it could also be a miniature version so there is no lost in quality. This will cut the load of trying to make everything from scratch and just use what we have in the real world. So you can work on other things on the landscape like with ATS where you can focus on the trees, plants, ecosystem, buildings, etc

This could be after the final story is release and perhaps a major expansion? And if funding is an issue you could go crowfunding as i've seen small companies becomes big massive ones because of the popularity of the game during crowfunding. They skip publishers because they were holding them back of making their game what fans wants. :)

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Life is feudal is one map!

So it show you don't need to keep creating new maps it could all just be on one big world even if its offline for LD. However using real Map data would help from canada so adding more greater content so players can interact more with the environment can help alot!

The size of the world map


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Have a look at American truck simulator and see how they have recreated a mini america and this is one way of doing it. So its not about bigger but quality and if it works with ATS it will work too with TD because hinterland will have realistic landscape to use and they can modify it and scale it down.

Have a look at the quality of the maps that has been design so it not boring quality. :) Every sign, building, tree, item has been careful crafted to give it that realistic feeling when driving. Its not laser scan but there are somethings you can laser scan that does not affect the quality of the look.

ATS has received high posting rating in steam and just read the reviews and see the screenshot

http://www.polygon.com/2016/2/4/1090628 ... tor-review

Watch the videos and see if the scenery is dull and boring?

[bBvideo 560,340:2uj786iu]


I have not expert tech in the area but it does not need to be 100% realistic like you see in the cry engine because its been on funding issue. But it does not mean you can't try and represent the landscape of canada even if it is cartoonish at the moment.

Players can still have the editor but i have to see they won't be able to recreate maps like you see in the real world because it just takes alot of time!

But again ATS and Euro truck also have these tools and its given more things to players but they have not be able to recreate the wonderful scenes you see in ATS with the tools.

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For the Trucking Diaries, I suspect they choose the most beautiful scenes to showcase.

90% of the driving is probably boring as hell-- just like in real life! :lol:

It's a simple relationship really. The devs have limited time and resources. Even if you use a predetermined topography and forest cover to generate large areas of Canada, the amount of time the devs would be able to spend bringing the map up to sufficient quality would be far less then they can spend on the current areas. That means a sharp drop in quality, and endless bug reports.. I just don't see it working.

Maybe it would be an interesting mod- "The Long Dark Walk in the Woods With Nothing Much Else At All Unless You Happen To Spawn On A Mountain" ;)

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It does not need to be a 1:1 scale or it will take forever just the topography of the terrain and where the trees are and other important things. And as said for now the location can be small but as they get more funding and more support they will have more staff to be able to create maps like in ATS or other online games.

Look at life is fuedal and they only have a small map in EA 3km by 3km but will get bigger when release so possible with right funds and support.

And the same could be said to Long dark that it is also boring because its not what some players like but you just got to look at the stats at steam and see that Long dark is popular and that ATS is also popular!

It look alot of time to create ATS as it was not just generated out of the fly but i showed it as an example of how a mini country can be done with out taking 50+ years to do it! :)

Does not to be fully blow gigantic just what the team can handle at the moment because of funds and limited staff for the job. And besides good quality games take time to do so it could be like how it is right now where parts of the landscape get slowly release.

It can be done and that is why you see games like Long dark and Driving games which would be boring like ever but it received high positive reviews from gamer!

I also want quality too and if they are technical challenges leave that up to the team because they will have the expert knowledge on it.

I am not for low quality massive land as that is not why I have suggested the idea and it certainly is not the vision with ATS either! :) Quality is very important!

And if the dev states these aren't their goals and these ideas will never happen i will happily delete all my ideas. If their goal is to remain a small indie game company just making small games and nothing more then deletion of these ideas. :) And the same can go for other users who have posted lots and lots of ideas that at the moment is not possible. :)

The Aim is to give ideas, give examples of how it can be done and they can work out if they want it like that or not. :) So there is no reason just to think small and say it just all impossible.

There will always be technical challenges in developing any interesting game so that shouldn't be the reason to abandon complex ideas!

I have not suggested anything that just cannot happen it all can with the right funding and support and that will grow eventually because of the popularity. :)

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From Chris Robert about its dead so don't bothered!


People go "Aww, they're dead," but I don't think when Blizzard ships one it feels very dead to me. Starcraft II certainly did a lot of numbers, so I just sort of feel that I do like the crowdfunding route, because it allows the game players themselves to say they want to play. I definitely think that was a factor of Star Citizen too, because a lot of people are like, "You know what? I feel like a lot of my preferences have been ignored for too long, therefore I'm going to vote with my dollars to show that this is something I've really wanted."

The thing that always amazes me is that people always talk about how space sims are dead and that nobody wants them, but when I was making them, they were the biggest thing out there. It was bigger than Medal of Honor, which is basically the precursor to Call of Duty. It was a bigger deal, right? Even with the first call of Duty, people were way more excited about me working on Freelancer than seeing the first Call of Duty.

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