Invisible and dissapearing and empty corpses (repeatable)


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I have seen topics like this floating on the boards but they offer no clear explanation to anything whatsoever, if i'm getting this i understand that the devs think it is fixed while it's not, atleast not on the Xbox.

Yes i am aware of the game mechanics and i don't even have to take those into consideration, the occured glitches/bugs were clear as day this wasn't supposed to happen.

Corpses that have dissapeared (right after a kill)

Coastal highway map: Wolf, buck, bunny

Desolation point: deer

Coastal Highway

To go a bit further into detail; I kill a wolf that just killed a bunny, i make a fire to skin the bunny first, after the fire was made the bunny was gone, a second wolf appeared, i shot him and he died, this happened right outside the gas station in CH, so i went inside to get some more wood to prevent corpses from freezing and make sure other wolves don't attack me, the wolf i killed that killed the bunny was also gone.

A second time i see a buck running from a wolf, the wolf kills the buck the buck dissapears yet the wolf still has it's eating animation, when i got closer i heard the wolf chewing on the meat.

A third time i had the excact same problem, but then with a bunny, wolf kills bunny, bunny dissapears.

A fourth time in CH i killed a bunny, when i tried to harvest it it said there is nothing to harvest, so i entered and exit my house on Rabbit island and the bunny was gone.

Afterwards i went to Desolation point, when reaching the church i see a wolf kill a deer, when the deer hit the floor it dissapeared and the wolf acted like normal, no eating no chewing sounds.

Wolf was also glitched but that's for another topic if i can recreate that glitch.

This occured about 8 times in 23 in-game days on stalker.

Other than that, there's a couple of more times where it happend that i was certain of it but not certain anymore of where exactly it happened, and then some other times i wasn't really sure if the corpse dissapeared or stuff i see in the distance that's not clear and i don't get the sound queues.

And totally off-topic for this one but 101 close wolf encounters in 23 days (14 days indoors) in Coastal Highway, and i'm really trying my best to avoid them xD

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