Spraining wrists and ankles (repeatable)


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Hi, i discovered this re-occuring bug that has happened to me since the latest update.

This has never happened before, and right now i am only playing on stalker mode.

In the map Coastal Highway when traversing down (and only downwards) slopes (any kind of slope seems to do it) i randomly sprain both my ankle and wrist at the same time (even when walking 1m/5sec) and the game sais i had a fall in the upper right screen, yet my stats screen have only recorded 1 fall (when i jumped off a cliff and survived with only a sprained ankle, it should have killed me).

My "record" is 6 sprains in about 4 hours, traversing in that map other than staying near the shores is really hurting.

I did remember how much weight and health i had, weight was 15kg/30 fully rested, eaten and hydrated, no sicknesses or wounds.

Everytime because i don't go exploring with too much gear or health missing.

10 sprains in 2 days, now i left that area.

Some fishing huts also have two stoves (and one of them will refuse to burn) but that's a bug i'll get more into next time because i haven't figured it out completely yet.

Edit: first sprains happened in a snowstorm but i wasn't freezing (around 1 degree), all the others happened in clear day light when i was around 11 degrees warm.

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