.303 Still Deleting Saves...


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How many days had you gone? I'm thinking it might be more prone to happen when the save file reaches a certain size/complexity. Last time it happened to me I had cleared out all of ML including the Dam and a prepper's cache and so there were a lot of items stored (and being tracked) in the Camp Office.

It would kind of make sense that a save may be more vulnerable to corruption when saving, loading or cloud syncing if it's larger.

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Scratch that, I don't think it's got anything whatsoever to do with the size of the save file. :?

Just had it happen again at 1 day, 16 hours but the behaviour leading up to the problem was slightly different.

I'd created a new Voyageur save a few days ago and spawned in the Trappers Cabin. I had spent some time trying to recreate the save deletion and had saved and exited a few times (couldn't recreate the save loss though).

I just loaded that save fine, got into the game, looted a couple of things that I had missed from the Cabin and then went to step outdoors for the first time (I think). The game crashed to the Xbox dashboard (closing The Long Dark).

On loading the game and selecting Sandbox I got presented with my save slot but got the telltale unavailable "Dink" noise when I tried to select it. I looked and my save file was 2.4kb.

I Exited the game and then, predictably, on re-loading when I selected Sandbox it asked me what difficulty I wanted (the save slots were no longer listed).

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I'm having the same problem. Twice now a saved game around 30-40 days just disappears. WTF! So frustrating. I'm done playing this game.

I'm sorry you lost your progress, it happened to me as well a couple of times too at 120 days in (.301), but this is Alpha, these are the things that you take on when playing a game in its early stages. Thanks for telling Hinterland about this, I'm sure it'll be addressed soon.

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