Moral: break down chairs before harvesting Cedar


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Hi all!

I've analysed how much time it costs vs how much fire I can get for breaking down items and harvesting wood: ... sp=sharing

My conclusion: books and sticks are the best for getting the most fire out of my investment. Fir logs are excellent. If you must, get some Cedar, but if you have access to chairs, you're better off with them.

Never, ever, touch branches. They cost 10 minutes to harvest, but only bring 14 minutes of fire. Branches are practically useless as they are.

I've read these threads with great interest:

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This table was compiled pre v301, but some numbers were verified using v301, and they hadn't changed.

I hope this helps someone stuck in a blizzard!


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Cedar actually provides the best burn time per weight, where as sticks and fir are the worst. Your results are interesting but you should factor in weight if you are going to decide which is the best

The temperature bonus can also be pretty relevant depending on your playstyle. In my opinion, there isn't one "best" fuel in general - it totally depends what you want to do with it.

Sticks are easy and calorie-efficient to get, but provide little heat and are also pretty heavy (not per stick ofc, but per x hours burning duration). Fir and cedar require more work to harvest initially, but cedar combines both a fair weight and a somehow decent temperature bonus and fir provides a lot of heat at the expense of a higher weight. Reclaimed wood provides little heat, but can be harvested safely inside buildings - a great advantage especially for less experienced players. Coal weights little and offers by far the best temperature bonus, but requires you to make a trip to a nearby mine to collect it. It's thus a great choice for experienced players, but probably not for people who have themselves eaten by wolves as soon as they try to walk more than 100m. ;)

As you can see, trying to declare one fuel "the best" in general doesn't make a lot of sense. If you're going to spend the night outside in the wilderness you will definitely benefit most from other fuel types (= fir & coal) than if you just started a new game and only want to boil 2 liters of water with as little effort as possible (= e.g. reclaimed wood or sticks).

Which is a great thing in my opinion. Making choices is always a fun. ;)

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