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I find it cruel that time goes by while riddling down the adventure.

I just had 13 days of survival I needed to recreate in a survival log, and I expected that game was paused as I was writing. Then suddenly red drop snuck up on the lower left, together with a condition in percentage. I knew than, that I had to stop typing.

If time should go by while in log writing mode, it should go by way slower. I didn't go from slaked to dehydrated as I was writing those lines (in real life that is), but the poor survivalist did.

Everyone likes to tell their stories, especially when they've done something exciting, or barely survived a bear attack and revenged it. One shouldn't die at the pen.

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I agree with the OP. The current time acceleration in the journal menu certainly doesn't improve my personal writing experience and feels both artificial and annoying. I don't mind the time speed-up at all while I'm actually playing the game, but writing journal entries is a different story.

I used the diary for the first time a few days ago and always felt artificially rushed while writing. At some point I got so annoyed that I paused the game via Esc, wrote my diary entry in Word and copy-pasted the text into the journal afterwards. Which somehow makes the whole journal a bit pointless because I could simply have written down everything elsewhere like I did before the introduction of the journal. :?

Not sure if I'm going to use the journal again if it stays that way. Maybe to speed up time during a blizzard or something, but definitely not under "normal" circumstances when I simply want to enjoy the process of writing down my past experiences.

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I agree that something should be done time wise when scribbling in your notebook.

It takes 5 minutes to write 10 words, imagene that.

Time should not stop, but time should be altered that when writing a sentence no freaking 10 minutes go by.

To be honest it hasn't bothered me not even in the slightest and i'm playing on stalker mode, nearly every day i have some hours left where i can do absolutely nothing, except write some stuff in my journal, maybe good then that the time does passes that quikcly, but that's only for a very small percentage of players i recon as i would love a mode that's harder than stalker mode, it's too easy.

But then again it doesn't makes any sense that it takes 10 minutes to write a sentence regardless of how good some players might be in playing this game.

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Thanks for your thoughts here, everyone. It's an interesting question, the feeling of time passing and how we interpret it differently based on what we are doing in-game. When walking, working in your inventory, or doing some other activity in "real-time" in the game, do you feel the same "rushed" feeling?


Not panicking but tense and under pressure. A little pressure is ok; adds to the game tension. Now that you mention it, I think a lot of players are not really aware of it; it's cognitive.

It could enhance the game to create more situations where speed is important and compromises must be made such as sounds of approaching storms or wild life. The scream of a cougar could be really unsettling. Owls and other sudden noises would be great too. If the crows came screeching by in panic, it could signal trouble on the way either a storm or a predator especially the two legged variety. Other threats like avalanche, earth quake or slide.

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