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Since lighting inside of cabins is somewhat lacking, even with a lantern equipped, I suggest that the lantern can be suspended from a series of hooks protruding from the ceiling (most rural cabins have these hooks, in my experience.).

This will allow even lighting of a room without the awkward shuffling around of a lantern, resulting in the loss of some valuable kerosene.

During storms, I suggest that the lantern swings backwards and forwards in time with wind gusts, as it would in real life.

Additional idea: sticks, leather, etc etc, cure at a moderately faster rate when hung on the hooks (due to increased air circulation)

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I read this post, went to bed then played the long dark and saw some cabins having ceiling hooks, and i thought to myself oh, they already added it, then a couple of hours later i woke up, true story i had a dream about your idea xD

And two seconds after i saw them i didn't like them, sorry, i found them to be hanging in the way, the cabins weren't big enough, and i would much rather be able to make myself a tanning rack, but then again maybe my dream experience was a little different then what you had invisioned.

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