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Got this game a couple days ago, been playing on Pilgrim difficulty and running around Mystery Lake and I love it. An idea for the game that popped into my mind yesterday was the addition of something to help haul more stuff while gathering or moving from place to place.

A travois is an old Native device for doing just that. It's two poles, connected on one end with a hammock or net where stuff is put and carried by the other end, dragging the loaded end through the snow. They were normally harnessed to dogs or horses, but could also be used by hand, and could also be used to transport an injured person, like a simple stretcher carried by one end.

All numbers here can easily be changed for balance. If sleds were added, this could also be the crafted version as opposed to the found version.

I see it being a longer build at a work bench, made up of a good-sized pile of reclaimed wood and cloth. If longer pieces of wood are added for personal carry later, I'd say use them instead. When finished, you get an Unloaded Travois which weighs around 10kg. A version with higher carry weight might be craftable with hides instead of cloth.

When outside, you can place it like you place a bedroll to set it up. If it is empty you can pick it back up into your inventory. The cloth can be chosen to load it with upwards of 40kg worth of items, or the other end can be chosen to start carrying it. While carrying the travois, your speed is capped as if you were carrying 40kg of materials and you cannot sprint. Pressing a hotkey (I'd probably use Q) drops it and lets you move based on your normal weight.

You cannot enter buildings while carrying it except the Carter Hydro Dam due to the size behind you (the Dam being an exception due to it being a transition zone and having large enough doors to get through out into Mystery Lake). You also cannot rope climb in Timberwolf Montain while carrying the travois.

It degrades slowly while walking with it, and takes a spike of damage if you are attacked or take a falling injury. When broken it scatters everything in it around your location.


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