Some suggestions about Rose Hips and Mushrooms


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Hello everybody!

I've been playing The Long Dark for a while now and since it's one of my favourite games I regularly think about things that in my opinion would make the game more interesting and challenging,especially when it comes to plants.

Rose hips & mushrooms: I'd love to be able to choose between eating those straight away for a few extra calories or to keep them to make medicine. I came across this idea during my longest games. Maybe I'm playing a bit too safely, but I regularly end up storing mushrooms and rose hips that I never use.

Recently, I read that Native Americans from Northern Canada make a high-calories, very lasting food called pemmican, made with animal fat/bone marrow, dried meat and berries (including rose hips!). No doubt that this idea has already been evoked, but this could mean a lightweight and nutritive food to take on a trip outside. Of course it comes along with more things to harvest in animal carcasses.

Anyway, it would be nice to find some other use to rose hips, in the same way guts has multiple use. And it's just an example: I have the impression that one of the point of this game is making choices, and managing between different limited ressources.

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