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Once more, hello to everybody. Up till now i've been playing for few hours, but few things cought my eye that could in my opiniom improve the gameplay. My wish list below:

- absolutny love the idea for maps in this game with self made notes. You find one in one of the office buildings take it and try to mark most important POI.

- i would like to use hatchet, knife, crowbar, torch, branch as attack weapons. I know that when it comes to defence i will use knife or hatchet. I died in survival mode just because i wanted to end a wounded wolf that barely alive manager to end me instead because i couldn't have the first strike / element of suprise.

- i noticed that in drawers etc have information that they are "empty". I walk into to a house i się that famili picture is still there there is for in the kitchen but most of furniture are just "empty" i would change that info to just "nothing to use" or something. I know that it is silly but come on in this conditions it's just not Real that they are just empty. As i noticed empty drawers are simply left opened.

- one wish that is actually a question. There arę many beautiful lokatorskie in the game. Are they real locations from Canada? I think it would be great if players from around the World could simply experience the beauty of really existing places.

- i wish that gamę would be more stable. I know this is alfa but the game managed to czasy everyone 45 min.

- is it normal that most of houses in Canada that stand in the middle of wilderness don't have fireplace? They have gas ovens but no fireplace? Even the fishing huts in the middle of the lake have one.

- i think it would be great if game could have some objectives especially in survival mode because i expet that story mode will have some kind of happy end or just the end, but survival mode would be more fun to have some general objectives to reward you for the time you managed to stay alive.

- you find different things in ackward places eg.: no fishing rods in fishing camp, no tools in manufactures. In managed to reach forest overlook point, there was an empty rifle stand with no rifle. Ther was a frozen guy down the slope. I thought how rewarding for me it would be if my deductive thinking would lead me to a gun, but now, his body was empty in the middle of nowhere. It would be great if problems could have a logical solutions and not just be random. Eg. 2: crashed train only had only first aid kit in it. :) i know this is about survival and it musi me hard but come on it's not logical. Wolf took the cargo along with bears and rabbits.

Thx for reading and considering. Sorry for language mistakes - writing with auto polish dictionary. :D

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When animal is wounded and bleeding(you can see a trail blood if you track him), dont approach, it may have some fight left in it(if were dealing with wolf/bear), just tail it, they tend to bleed out(pretty much always) and die on their own.

Im not sure that having an actual melee attack is a good idea. Its something one simply wont do in the wilderness. Plus, ai of non-hostile animals is finicky, resulting in them sometimes running past player, instead of away from it(and its not that hard to intentionally replicate). Combined with actual ability to perform melee attacks it would make killing wildlife ridiculously easy.

Good point about "nothing of use".

Crashes are probably not game related, ive played easy a few hindered hours across various alpha iterations, crashed twice if i remember correctly. Game does seem to have a memory leak issue, after about 4 hours i start seeing slowdowns and that with 12gb of ram.

*giggling* Good point about fireplaces. Even if one presumes that many of them are only used in summer, ppl do need to make/heat up food somewhere.

I think that sandbox needs events, not objectives, since its free roam. Like wildlife migration, big storms moving/bringing in stuff and covering/unearthing corpses, temperature fluctuations, etc

One of positive elements of the game is its mostly rng approach to loot(altho it obviously could use some tweaking), as you can find weirdest items in weirdest of places. Most places with rifle rack present MAY spawn rifle, but its not guaranteed. You are guaranteed to find rifle on your starting map, there are several predefined spots, but it may be right behind the corner or it may be in the last place you will check.

Besides, those 2 carts at Derailment could be part of an empty train, that were just transported from one place to another.

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Hi. I read a good post about spear idea - knife + branch or something. My intention is not to have a PvE with every squirrel in da hood :). But as i see it, defence should not always be like: "let's get bitten and see where we can go from there". One more thing i didn't see an option to choose with with weapon i would like to defend myself, had a hatchet did it with knife :/. Maybe there should be an option to shout at the animals to scare them off :)

I think i should elaborate more about the whole objective idea - maybe my wording was poor it should be more like ranks. I was more thinking of it in therms of skill developing. You know the longer you survive the better you are getting at it. In my opinion story mode plot should be something like "Get south, before everything goes south" :) But survival mode is more like "i like it here i will become the king of the wilderness and all the animals will bow to me" :) so objectives and ambitious ones. Find shelter, bring some rare loot, build *** chalet, put a bear skin on top of the fireplace - if you find one that is :). I found that survival is not that hard at some stage so you can easy settle somewhere near lake and wait until your day counter goes way up, so you could intimidate your friends :) but getting an explorer rank or beast slayer :) - something to keep you going and prove you are the man/woman, of course nothing exaggerated. Although knowing i'm not on an island even in survival mode makes me think all the time "move your bottom and do every thing to get south".

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When in melee game always picks weapon with better bonus, and knife gives higher bonus than hatchet.

FUS RO DAH and wolves are no longer a problem... 8) Irl wolves normally dont attack people and yelling, shouting, waving hands tend to scare them away for sure, but in this game wolves are specifically modified to be far more aggressive.

Also ideas of various skills and character becoming stronger, more resilient, etc longer he survives also pop rather often on the forum. So far nothing. You char as starts as rachitic, remains in this way even after a year, barely being able to carry his own weight or run in a straight line for more than 30 meters or performing most of the tasks with same efficiency and speed.

I doubt that story plot would be about getting south, there is probably same situation everywhere. Event of such magnitude would have global consequences.

I recently restarted game, after clearing all areas and having nothing much left 2 do - 92 days. Started a new game on stalker and so far im at 27 days. Game needs more events, so that it wont turn into pure scavenging hunt with nothing left to do afterwards.

And all those achievements mean absolute zilch to me, i actually feel sad for losers who spend months hibernating(and hours irl), instead of proper playing, just to get some badge or top spot at leaderboard that dont really mean anything.

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