Clothing and Backpack Space


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Hello survivors!

I think that it's weird that when I'm wearing articles of clothing, it still occupies space and weight inside my backpack.

Shouldn't items that I am wearing not account for weight inside the backpack?

I suppose it's weight should still be accounted for somehow but it bothers me that when I'm wearing upwards of 10 articles that they; A) occupy valuable space in the backpack and B) take weight score from being inside the backpack when in real life that wouldn't have such an impact.

Has this already been discussed or is in the works for the final game?


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It's a reasonable trade off I think at 30kg total rather than packweight. Consider a pair of boots for example.

In my pack they weigh 1.5kg but once on your feet in the real world this would be equivalent to at least 4 times as much, as an old saying goes

"a pound on your feet equals five on your back!"

luckily they don't count the actual pack in this total (or those magic pans we use to boil snow in).

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