The extreme need for food


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Hey, been playing the sandbox alpha and loving it, especially the environment and the "feel" of the cold and the immersion.

The survival elements... not so much. Well granted it's a survival game but at the moment it's a far bit overboard I think. The Story mode will be less focused on survival, I get that, but at least it needs to be realistic.

So food... I got through three cans of pork & beans, two peaches, two beef jerkys even to survive for eight hours. And I even got "lucky" starting near to the lake houses and the office.

A normal person, even cold and fatigued, should be able to survive for a longer time on that, surely? Eating a whole can of P&B is a *big* meal.

And then I ate some (cooked) meat and got food poisoning and died in my sleep :lol:

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I didn't play game yet because I pre-ordered it and not have authorization for play it now, but I watched a lot gameplays about this game and thought same thing.

If it is a "post-disaster survival simulation game" I think this food problem should be more realistic as he said.

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I believe when surviving in a cold environment, it's not how much you eat, but what type of food you eat. It's based on your calorie intake. You could eat forty pounds of lettuce, and feel full but the lettuce will not give you the calories required to stay alive.

I think the average or suggested intake of calories is about 3500 per day (minimum), but I could be wrong on that.

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It's true. You have to realize these are not ideal conditions.

First off it's near zero degrees, the character is constantly moving, and the clothing he's wearing isn't ideal.

Given all of that, even if he just sat still, he'd need to eat 2500 calories, because of the cold of his environment; already more than a lot of us eat in a day.

I just think he eats a lot to survive.

My two cents are to keep the calories just as they are, but maybe make food give more calories. So Beef Jerky should give near 800 calories, and pieces of meat should be considered larger and give 2,000 calories. That way you don't have to tweak the coding of the game too much; just increase how many calories the food gives you.

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My only gripe so far with the game. calories are so unbalanced. In ideal conditions, you can go almost 30 days without a single calorie.

Lets pretend that this situation would only allow you to live about 1/4 of that. That's 7.5 days, which is extremely generous especial with the fact it's not hard to get temps up to almost 70 with warm clothes and inside a cabin with a stove.

Last night was my first time to play the game and i made it to the trapper's homestead. My calories were near zero but i had over 5lbs of deer meat on me. So i cooked 2lbs and ate them all that morning (that's 32oz of steak!). i stayed inside all day repairing my clothes and doing other various things. By the end of the day i was starving to death... Not just starving, but too death. All the while, my temp was in the upper 60's. around 67 if i remember right.

Other than that the gameplay seems great and bug wise it's very polished for an alpha. High Rez screenies are buggy as well as the trappers homestead. Only place i experienced crashing.

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