Did you hear about Phonebloks? Well its happening

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So ages ago (over a month ago) this concept for a modular phone popped up, a phone that would allow you to upgrade parts and not the whole phone but also allowed you to create a phone specific to your needs. here is the original vid

Personally I thought, and publicly said to friends and fellow nerds, that it would not work. I mean the size of the parts the the fact that tech is moving so fast, especially in the mobile industry, that you would be replacing parts so fast that you would have a new phone every 1-1.5 years any way and then how do you get all those large companies to link up and work together...

Well seems Motorolla were already working on one and they have teamed up with the Phonebloks people to create it.

Here is the Phonebloks website

All I can say is colour me impressed, will be interesting to see what happens.

I still want my Quasar IV encrypted phone those :D

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I love the modular concept and of course I've participated in their Thunderclap. Now to look at what Motorola is coming up with. :)

I'm glad that the PhoneBloks people are distancing themselves from Motorola. Since Motorola is now part of Google I'm not surprised if they will be putting Android on it. Even better if we could install our own OS and customize it.

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