In LOVE with Sandbox


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Just tried the sandbox on steam

I'M TOTALLY IN LOVE with sandbox mode.

I hope you guys develop this more as you also develope the story.

I could see myself enjoying sandbox mode very much!

It's like a beautiful 3D project zomboid!

Love it

Cant' wait to see this in the RIFT.

My DK2 is waiting for this game!


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Yes! My feelings exactly.

I love how "time" is the ultimate resource. The player is constantly trying to balance their needs and deal with the hazards. I hate how people keep saying "oh just have the food give more calories" because ultimately the pressure of having to find food and resources is what makes it fun. Not to mention your body burns more cals in extreme cold and exercise. Basic needs like food, water, warmth, and rest are directly tied to time itself. Stuff like wear and tear on gear, fine make adjustments for the masses. Personally I feel the game keeps the pressure on because of our basic health stats, and in doing so keeps our interest locked for hours on end. While your trying your hardest to make use of every spare moment the landscape and beautiful scenes comfort you . It can also lure you into a false sense of relaxation and trick you into wasting your time, the most precious resource of all.

I was curious how big the world actually was and decided to take a screenshot from under the world.


I'd really like to see larger playable areas or the ability to "load screen" to another outdoor zone if technical limitations are an issue. If this game had seasons it would be the ULTIMATE survival game. Even if a loadscreen happened I wouldn't care. I understand why this could be an issue for the reasons I opened my post with at the top. Take cold, and freezing out of the picture the difficulty drops significantly and players ultimately could get bored. However increase risk of bears coming out from hibernation, lightning, falling through soft ice, could offset. Consider adding "wetness" into the picture, which could have some kind of effect on your clothes durability, and overall lowering your temperature to freeze faster during non winter months. I'd love to see some crazy epic solar rainstorms with tons of lightning. (If they wanted to go that route.) EVEN if the game was all about winter and only winter, Hinterlands has done phenomenal work on TLD, and its only alpha... We haven't even seen story mode yet.

Thanks for putting key bindings in very quickly. Major player convenience there.

Huge props for making the choice of stability. I have never played an alpha this clean ever.

I'v seen gamers on steam nitpicking things, we all do it, and sometimes their suggestions are brilliant but nothing in life is ever going to be 100% perfect, and everyone's idea of perfect is different. So far this is a brilliant game and even if there was no story mode, sandbox is enough to keep my happy for months to come. I am completely stoked that crafting is something to look forward to as well. I think this could have a huge impact on peoples negative reviews of Sandbox especially if time can be used to gather, and then create essentials.

<3 CuteBeaver

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