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A few lives / updates ago I made an appeal to the viewers to provide me with their suggestions. Assuming they weren't too crazy, I promised I would keep a Google docs list and eventually post it here.

So here is the list so far. It seems like each episode generates some new suggestions from the viewers. I'll continue to add to this thread what my viewers are suggesting.

I didn't search for duplicates from prior threads for each idea listed, so I appologize in advance if there are a couple (been there, done that) suggestions. ;)


1. Allow placement of more items to add ambience to your shelter. (place the rifle back in the rifle rack, ect…)

2. Cabin Fever if you spend too much time inside a cabin(s) in a specific area.

3. The longer you spend indoors in a cabin area, more wolves will start to congregate in the surrounding area when you finally do leave.

4. Don’t allow continued sleeping if fatigue is at a low level (10-15%). Maybe have a read a book/magazine/diary option instead. But you need that item in your inventory...allows time passage.

5. Accelerant should not require an entire can to start a fire. It should just be partially used. (maybe less commonly found in this case).

6. A flaming torch e.g. flaming oil soaked rag of a stick(most likely paraffin considering the storm lantern looks like a paraffin lamp to me.

7. Cross country skis

8. Slingshot (crafted -- wood, rubber tubing, leather) Tubing from scavenging around mechanical items (Hydro dam, ect…)

9. It would be nice if the wolf spawns are became more random. I mean, right now you have a pretty good idea where are wolfs at. It would be nice if you can run into wolfs anywhere on the map. It would give the player a more insecure feeling.

10. It would be nice to be able to use the hatchet to break holes in the ice, inside the fishing huts. That way the player would be able to fishing like foraging wood, at the cost of freezing or became a wolf’s meal, etc. And ofc only if he/she found a fishing rod or fishing line earlier. The hole would freeze again by the time.

11. combining stuffs to make tools/equipment. That way would be much exciting to have some important equipment. Eg. finding a fishing rod without a fishing line. The player should find the fishing line before he/she can actually use the rod to catch a fish. And it would need some animal guts as decoy, also. [i think by decoy he’s meaning bait]

12. I like your idea about getting the safe lock combination as a loot. It would be hard to find, but in return the safe contains some valuable stuff, like rifle ammo. Finding pork and beans in a safe is not lifelike. :)

13. Multitool as loot item. It would be a jackpot to find. Can be used for opening cans, repair stuffs, hunting knife, forage wood, etc.

14. I like to see some tasks which forcing the player (or offer some kind of benefit) to go outside sometimes at night or in harsh conditions. It was so thrilling when you went outside after sunset in Life 5. Just like when you go outside in the blizzard in this life 6.

15. If hatchet and metal stuff degrades from rust (without any usage), then it would be a nice idea to be able to use animal’s fat or suet to treat metal parts and slow down corrosion. Campers use fat daily to keep their equipment in good condition. (Just like MCQBushcraft does in his video)

16. I think it will look better if breath particles would stay where they spawned and not follow player head rotation. It will add more dimension to atmosphere.

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