Steam are having a Halloween sale


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if you don't own them already, go get these golden beads now!

such good games, so cheap ->

alan wake series 8,99€

alice: madness returns 12,99€

amnesia 3,74€

brothers - a tale of two sons 6,99€

deadlight 2,99€

limbo 2,49€

lone survivor 6,66€

penumbra series 1,99€

the swapper 4,75€

the void 1,79€

the walking dead series (not the fps one) 6,24€

oh, and please avoid that mess called "aliens: colonial marines", no matter how much % cheaper it is, don't forget what pitchford and his crew did to the franchise and gaming in general. thank you! :)

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In addition to SH Homecoming, I got Amnesia and Deadlight. I played the Deadlight demo some time ago and liked it, but not enough to pay the full price. However, it's certainly worth €2.99.

Alan Wake is a steal at €8.99, so if you haven't yet played it (are there people like that?), get it now. It's still the most harrowing survival horror game I've played, because it was the first one (after that, I was hooked).

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  • Hinterland

AND NOW THE THANKSGIVING SALE IS ON!!! (Ignore the fact we had Thanksgiving a while ago...)

Grgl. I've bought so many games in previous Steam sales that I have almost all of these already...

And yet, somehow, I can't help but come back to the page every damn day, looking for new stuff to buy. I already don't have time to play the 140 games in my Steam account (#humblebrag).

This raises an interesting question -- how many games on your Steam list? How many will you have after the Thanksgiving and Christmas Steam sales?

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I've only got 7 games (8 after the download finishes) as I started playing PC games only recently. The latest addition is Nikopol, although I have no idea what it's like. It's based on the comics by Enki Bilal and it costs €1.24, so that's good enough reason.

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143 games on my list, I bought maybe 3 of them at full price, everything else on big sales. I hope to make a decision and one day record playthroughs of every game I got, one by one. That would be great and it would take me 2 years to do it. dammit

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