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This idea was sparked by a user proposing that water left in the cold should re-freeze. While interesting, I agree with the developers that the implementation of this idea might have little benefits. Which got me thinking, what mechanics would I find more interesting to see implemented?

SNOW MECHANICS. More in-depth implementation of snow behavior would serve the game more, in my opinion. Snow and snowing should feel almost like a fully fleshed character.

- Snow depth. It impacts movement speed and fatigue. You could also try to hide in deep enough snow (to escape being seen by a wolf, let's say). Snowshoes would be really handy now. You could dig a shelter in the snow to escape a blizzard. Then again, if the player encounters too many "slow zones" of deep snow the gameplay would/could become tedious (but hey, showshoes :) ). It could become an interesting game in itself, finding out the most accessible zones, where snow is typically blown off by the wind (close observing of in-game wind behavior will really pay off). Trying to direct prey where snow is deeper. So on and so forth. I think snow depth mechanic has a lot of potential. Also, overall snow depth would vary by amount of precipitations and sunny days.

- A lot of precipitation variance. Light snow, moderate snow, heavy snow, etc. All mixed with various degrees of wind intensity. And how about snow buildup? Imagine waking up in the morning, exiting your cabin, and deducing there was a heavy snowfall while you slept. Or having to (very rarely) dig your way out.

- Sound. Real life snow can come in many varieties, that are best conveyed by sound. Puffy powdery snow. Crunchy consistent snow. Frozen glassy snow. So on and so forth. Not much gameplay usefulness, but would do wonders for the game atmosphere, much more so than water refreezing.

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Seriously, the game needs snowshoes. And refreezing potable water. And snow mechanics. And exertion causing perspiration causing you to freeze to death that much faster. And hypothermia messing up your judgment. and cold messing up your dexterity. And frostbite. Those of us who like to play around in Canada's winter wonderland of constant creeping terror and peril can tell you that the alpha looks like a blast, but it's pretty forgiving compared to the real thing... I won't know for sure until I get the early access, but fron obsessively watching gameplay vids it looks like there are still things that can be done in-game that'll kill you dead IRL.

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While I am not a fan of all the suggestions to make the game even harder and purely about the survival aspects, I support the idea of having realistic snow. Snow is more than just a white surface that makes squeaky noises when you walk on it and leave footprints, it's a mass that has its own behavior based on lots of factors - moisture, temperature, density, weight and so on.

However I don't think snow has been correctly modeled in a computer game, simply because today's technology is not up to the task. There is just too many factors to consider as well as seriously computer-intensive particle physics involved.

At the most we can hope for is a feeling that you actually are walking *through* snow, not on top of it, and if you could see your legs (well it's worth hoping for), that we could see them sink in a bit. In games this is mostly simulated with having the character's feet sink below the surface.

I think the one game that I've seen coming closest to the feeling of real snow (and sand) is Journey on the PS3, it felt real and looked really good.

Properly done snow and sand are really the "holy grails" of computer games, and if a game can make snow look more convincing than just a flat white surface it will be a huge step forward. The Long Dark is very close but I doubt we will see this.

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Seriously, the game needs snowshoes.


And refreezing potable water.

Why not.

And snow mechanics.

+1 though it's gonna be the most difficult to implement if they haven't planned it already; especially in terms of physics.

And exertion causing perspiration causing you to freeze to death that much faster.

To that you'll have to have different levels of perspiration depending, not only on your exertion level, yet also on the type of clothes you'll be wearing.

And hypothermia messing up your judgment.

How would it take form in-game?

And cold messing up your dexterity.

+1 though I think it's already the case when making fire no?

And frostbite.


You can add snow blindness to the list.

All this calls for various game difficulties.

What about choosing out of the following three when starting a new game: Walk in the park / Adventure / Simulation

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