Wind speed effect is not apply after Crouching


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Consistently, when walking against the wind, the speed of the character is slowed.

If the character crouches (uses the ctrl button) when stopping the crouching the slow down effect is not applied.

This is very visible when pressing escape and returning to the game, for the speed decreased is applied when returning from the pause menu, and not from the crouching mechanic.

I am using the PC version of the game.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Load the title.

2. Play until a wind storm hits.

3. Walk against the wind (this is more visible if the character is encumbered).

4. Crouch, then un-crouch.

5. if necessary, load the pause menu and repeat step 4.

6. Notice the speed difference between returning form the pause menu and from cancelling the crouch action.

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