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Here I wanted to discuss the survival tips in the Long Dark.(even if its not in the game)

You can add anything you want or can think of to survive in the game. I hope to make a very funny guide for others to enjoy! :D

- Store up some Pancakes before you go out into the Wild, be sure you got enough to travel through the forest.

-Dont forget to fasten your survival beard as there many animals out there to lust after your you. xD

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Eating snow straight in order to stave off dehydration is a terrible idea. It's cold so it'll make you cold! It lowers your core body temperature and can contain bacteria that will do a lot of harm to the sad, starving, survivalist you'll most likely end up as. Instead take some snow and cook it until it comes to a boil. It'll be warm, a liquid, and all that nasty bacteria will have died in the boil. It'll taste awful so having food flavoring packets will help the gag reaction, plus it's good for moral!

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An incredibly rough way to determine the time is to make a fist and hold it at arm's length in front of you so the bottom is on the horizon. It takes approximately* six fists stacked atop one another to reach mid-day/noon, and six more to reach the other horizon. For a twelve-hour day, each fist equals one hour; for an eight-hour day, 40 minutes; and for a six-hour day, 30 minutes.

If you happen to know the times for sunrise and sunset, you can use this method to estimate the "clock time".

This method may not work well in the very far north/south where the sun does not rise far off the horizon. It will not work at all in the polar regions when the sun is visible all day or not at all.

*Obviously this depends on the size of your fist and length of your arm.

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Finding True North Or South

Here in Australia to find True North using a watch, you point 12 o'clock at the sun, then holding the watch in place, imagine an angle formed by the hour hand and the line from the 12 o'clock position to the center of the watch then draw an imaginary line bisecting that angle. That line indicates North.

Now to do this in the Northern Hemisphere, point the Hour Hand at the Sun and then holding in place, imagine the angle formed by the that and 12 o'clock. That line will be South so follow it through and you have True North.

You also need to take into count Daylight savings, but with this method, you get a general idea of where North is.

A few other tips, is sticking a Stick in the ground about 1mtr long. Mark the Tip of the shadow with something. Then wait 15, 20, 30 mins and then mark the tip of the shadow again. Being that in the Northern Hemisphere the sun rises in the West and sets in the East by drawing a line in between these 2 points then at the centre of that line draw another line at 90 degree Right angle and you will have Nth & Sth.

Tips from nature, Moss grows on the South side of a tree in the Nth Hemisphere, Snow melts quicker on the Southern Side of Rocks and Mountains, and bark on a tree will be duller on the Nth Side and Branches longer as they don't receive as much sun.

At night, i can do it here in Australia with what we call the Southern Cross and crossing 2 points and then drawing a line to the horizon is how its done down here, so maybe someone with Northern Hemisphere knowledge, could chime in.

So just a few tips to find North and South while you are in a survival situation.

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Being that in the Northern Hemisphere the sun rises in the West and sets in the East

Actually, the sun rises from the East and sets to the West.

As for finding North, it's easy at night, if the sky is clear. Just find the Big Dipper, take the two front stars of the "scoop" and follow their line up and you'll find the North Star.

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