#106 | Exited trapper's cabin, beef jerky dropped (v.097)


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I was exiting the trapper's cabin and I'm sure I wasn't pressing any keys, certainly not the 4 key for dropping food, but beef jerky was dropped all by itself as you can see in the video clip. This was the first time this has happened.

[bBvideo 560,340:2zt25m8m]

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Guest Alan Lawrance

That is.... very strange. I'd like to blame your cat for pressing the 4 hotkey, but it sounds like no keys were pressed. Keep an eye out for this, and let us know if it occurs again. I don't see any obvious explanation for this in the code.

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Actually I think I remember that happening in one of the video streams [may have been when LMG was playing] -- I'll see if I can find it. I think it may even have been the same item and location.

Anyhow, even if it's a weird bug, it might prove interesting...

Given that we're cold, have (most likely) some loss of mobility or at least dexterity, and we're constantly pulling stuff out of the backpack or stuffing other things in -- we likely aren't packing things in very neatly. It could be interesting to have the occasional [reasonably rare] times when we've dropped stuff without being overtly aware of it.

For instance reaching in to grab a flare in pitch black or in a blizzard -- something else might fall out. Even a soft audio of the item hitting the ground depending on weight.

It wouldn't be for things we would normally have strapped to us or slung over our shoulders [like lantern or riffle), nor clothes we're wearing -- but it might be a random spare flare, clothing item, food, or whatever (i.e. something random that we're carrying in the backpack). :?

Again, would be rare for it to happen, but would encourage us to recheck our supplies more... Just saying, as a player, I'm not totally against the idea within the game

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