Motion Sickness and Reticle


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I just started up The Long Dark again after some very long and enjoyable play sessions earlier this year then leaving it to develop for some time. One thing I immediately noticed is that I now find it induces motion sickness for me within about ten minutes where it didn't at all before.

I have fiddled with the FOV and camera control to make it slightly better but one thing I notice is different from before is the lack of a dot/reticle in the middle of the screen. I can't say for sure whether that's the cause since camera movement may have also changed shine I last played but out does seem a likely culprit.

Whilst playing without a reticle is likely more immersive for the larger part of the player base, would it be possible to have a settings option to turn it on for players like me?

Thanks for listening to the feedback!

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I'm not getting motion sickness from not having a reticle though i can understand some people do i am luckely free of that burdon yet when sneaking i get instant motion sickness, like i just spinned 50 circles around a center point, i hope they can lower the swaying when sneaking a little bit for people like me :o

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