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I went out into the night recently in a desperate search for food and tinder, stormlamp in hand, thinking the wolves would probably be asleep since they were active in daytime. I got all the way from the main cabin at Mystery Lake to the train wreck by following the rails, and found some food and newspapers. Relieved that I would not die from thirst that night, I was about to turn around and head back to the cabin. And then came the sound that turned my blood to ice in my veins. Those terrible howls, letting me know exactly how many wolves were between me and the cabin. Caught between a rock and a hard place.


Are there any big differences between day and night, apart from everything becoming dark? Does wolf behaviour change? Can the wolves spot me in the dark? Any other game changers? I'm wondering if night has some benefits to weigh up for the loss of light and warmth, or if I'm just supposed to remain dormant for that time.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Wolves are more active at night -- so you will find more of them lurking around compared to daylight hours.

Night is indeed colder than day -- sometimes dangerously so.

Right now there really isn't any advantage to venturing out in darkness. It's probably something you should only do if you have to do it, and then be particularly wary of wolves and/or getting lost.

Once other survivors are in the game, you can expect them to be less active at night, so that may be one advantage to night in the future.

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I have become accustomed to not venturing out at night at all unless seriously desperate. Given that, maybe there should be some kind of reward for those that do, there are epic moon sets and starry nights but maybe something more. Maybe it's better fit to the story mode...

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