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Hello from Germany (:

first i want to say your game is awesome! (:

I have just 1 wish: please show the %-durability of the items on the ground (if you go with the cursor over it).

I love store my stuff inside shelfes but i cant see the durability left of food and all this stuff. It's annoying to have to pick up everything just to see the durability.

And here just a actutal pictute from "Wolfsberg" :D


Thx for the great game. I am looking forward to the story mode.


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You don't actually have to pick up things to see the durability. As you probably noticed, it takes two clicks to pick up an item. After the first click, you enter a window that displays the item and its characteristics, the second click will pick it up.

If you wait a few seconds after the first click, the item's weight, durability and other characteristics are going to fade in. It takes a bit, this is a design feature that is meant to reflect that you need a moment to examine the item. So if you do it this way, you can check the durability of all your neatly stacked goods without moving them from their space.

Btw: How you you place items like that?

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