v0.298 Cargo containers lock again after sawing them open


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I just used the hacksaw to saw some of the plane cargo containers open, found a whetstone and heard a wolf growling so I quickly pressed escape, light a torch and scared the wolf away... so far so good, but when I returned to the cargo container which I just sawed open, it was locked again.

This time I found like 4 cured leather and 4 rabbit pelts in the container, I assume that I would have found the same loot if I didn't get interrupted the first time, but I was a little surprised that I would pelts instead of tools.

I tried to replicate the bug on another cargo container which had jeans and socks, pressed escape and it took a second and the container was locked again, when I tried to saw it open my hacksaw broke and I couldn't see if the loot had changed...

Version 0.289 on the Timberland Mountain.

Update: I just reloaded to see if the loot changed, indeed it did, so you guys changed something on the loot spawn mechanics... I found no whetstone in the first container but rabbit pelts and cured leather, the second container mainly had boots but no jeans...


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Sorry, I think I'm just a bit stupid sometimes :D after reloading three times in the hope of figuring out why the loot is different, I just noticed the cargo container has two doors which are two different containers...

There is no wall inside the containers separating them though, but that's something for the feedback forum.

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