Black screen, only audio

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I completely admit that I've next to no experience with computer games, and that every game I've played has been direct through Steam, so I'm hoping someone more knowledgable can help.

Selecting either the shortcut icon, or going through my Steam library, clicking to open TLD results in a completely black screen. A few times I had audio (randomly clicked around and I could hear walking, otherwise just wind), but had no way to exit the screen. Restarted computer, loaded game again, I got the same screen, and a 1-second flash of a snowy cabin scene, then back to black and computer froze. I'm not sure if the issue is with Steam or a program called 'tdl' which opens a window when I open the game and crashed once (returning me to the desktop).

I've the latest version of Steam, lastest updates on Mavericks. After a lot of trouble I got the right setting changed in the System Pref>Privacy menu.

Google has returned no information about black game screens or the 'tdl' program.

What am I missing, here?

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Hi, thanks a bunch for replying.

I'll check out the debug log thing, but just wanted to note that I found a work-around; selecting 'Window' from the 'tdl' program's toolbar, I could select Fullscreen and this minimised the window (from fullscreen) and I could see it perfectly. So it just seems to be fullscreen that's the issue.

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No -- there must be some bug/issue with fullscreen that we need to solve.

Note you can also get the "fullscreen" experience by running the game with -popupwindow. This runs the game as a window, but without the titlebar or any border. Then if you set the resolution of the game to match your desktop resolution, you will get what appears to be fullscreen.

In the case of Mac, you would need to launch the executable with the -popupwindow parameter like: -popupwindow

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