Button Mashing vs Wolves


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Lets start this...

I have a physical disability it is really really hard for me to fend off wolf attacks. I simply can't click the mouse fast enough to build up enough strength to land blows that seem to do anything.

Looking at the mechanic from a subjective point of view the mechanic is great it gives you that feeling of extreme exertion in a life and death struggle.

However like i said i can't do it. I was interested to see peoples thoughts on a alternative quick time event mechanic where its a test of timing verses brute force.

I realize that doesn't fit as well thematically but just wanted to hear your guys thoughts.

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Not positive, but I think the devs are actually re-looking at alternatives for that very same reason.

One thing I try to do (I'm terrible at fast button action as well) is give a lot of short punches rather than trying to ramp up to full strength. I've found that a lot of times the wolf will run away rather than always challenging a fight to the death.

Anyhow -- again though I'm not positive - I do believe they're examining alternatives to straight button mashing.

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I also am not good at the quick button jabbing. Not that I'm super bad at it, but I think those tend to be tuned for younger people with faster clicking skills and I'm relatively poor at it (if it were my thumb I'd probably be good!). I vote for an optional other mechanic for this.

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