#101 | 2 Injuries, only 1 bandage required?


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I was busy getting injured so i got myself a sprained ankle and blood loss.

(how to reproduce the easy way: dropping of a cliff and encounter a wolf without dying )

I used 1 bandage and both the sprained ankle and blood loss got checked that I used a bandage.

I was surprised i could bandage 2 injuries at the same time with 1 bandage.

I expected that I had to use 2 bandages.

Bug or by design?

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Guest Alan Lawrance

This is a bug -- a single bandage should only treat a single affliction. This exposes a flaw in the current first aid interface -- there is no way to select which ailment should receive the bandage. The first aid interface is most likely going to have some major changes, so this is something we'll take into consideration in the redesign. It will likely involve using/applying treatments while in the interface for a particular affliction.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.