Some plot and continuation ideas... (hope something new)


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Again, just my humble opinions and silly dreams... 8-)

I see that guy or girl you are in the game seeking there in the vast worlds something like what Robinson Crusoe would seek, surviving until seeing the ship in the horizon, or so.

Maybe able to start to pet a wolf or a pack, and then sharing the meat? Like in old ages occurred at some point, as it seems to have occurred?

Wolves could also sense your current condition and react to that, hence making them more aggressive to weak characters, or then they could pack, making the encounter situation a bit more dramatic.

Other extremities: Human bodies could be eaten as well, with severe illness risk, perhaps in mental side. Also, I was expecting that the loneliness aspect of the character could cause some side effects, especially if the character is a social nature. There could be lot of attributes to the characters, making the game more like the good-older nethack was. Some people could get really nervous in caves, etc. On the other hand I understand the neutrality of the character, with the chance to be yourself while gaming. That is important aspect as well.

But it could be a spice to have random character that you need to adapt to.

And the cars, driving them with some fuel and the battery gaining electricity capabilities is probably pretty much implemented already? Or too deep swamp to dive into?

Pumas? Other humans? Groups of humans? Beginning set of people in the crash site, which you could try to get acquainted to and help them to survive (In first phase the people could be pretty passive, getting more autonomy? What about co-op survival aspect or multiplayer survival. Hermit war! *You are trespassing* :D

Sincerely, just throwing some thought provokers, perhaps there are some fishes to catch included, at least I hope so.

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