#98 | Lighting Problems


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whenever I walk into a building, If there is a loading screen, the game will begin to lag once I've spawned into the building, I also get large black shapes around where windows should be, but if I look away, the large shapes disappear, i'm not sure if I have to update anything, or if this is a known issue, or if here is a fix? If anymore information is needed i'll do my best to provide.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Can you attach your output log here, it will tell us what kind of GPU you have. If you haven't already, ensure you have the most up to date drivers for your video card.

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Ticket #98 Created.

@OP if you could please have a quick look at Before Posting a Bug as well as Bug Reporting Process & Best Practices for the low down on Bug Reporting. The 2 biggest things you have missed here is the Version of the Game and your computer Specs.

If you put your computer specs in your Signature (tells you how in the Bug Reporting Process & Best Practices Sticky) that would be very helpful and a good start. Then you only need to worry about the bug and v. #

PS: To take a screenshot with the game world coordinates of where the issue is, use the F9 key


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This topic is now closed to further replies.