Entire Cabin Highlights


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Hello, First bug post, excuse me if i'm using wrong terminology.

Mystery Lake

Green ice fishing cabin, nearest camping office.

When I cursor over Cupboard, the entire cabin (in field of view at the time) and drawers to the right begin to Highlight.

The highlight is a row of triangles that gradually moves around the perimeter.

*edit* spellcheck

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Hi, and thanks for the bug report.

Have a read of this Sticky Thread on Best Bug Reporting Practices to get a better idea on how to log a bug report, and if you can put your computer specs in your Signature like I have below.

You can do this by going to your Profile, and then Edit Profile and in the Left column Edit Signature.

Now onto your Bug. I can't log one yet, because, 1st I don't know your Computer Specs, and 2nd, a screenshot is really really helpful in this situation, so it gives the Art department, and Programming Devs a idea, on what they are dealing with.

Ive been in ALL the cabins along the lake in the .v094 Build and haven't seen anything out of place, so next time use your F9 key, and this will take a Screenshot with the Game Coordinates in it, so we can get there in a flash and see if it replicatable


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Guest Alan Lawrance

This is very likely the long-standing shadow flicker bug, which causes some tree shadows to turn on/off depending on view angle. This appears to be a Unity bug, so we'll push for a fix from our end.

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I think Alan is correct. Let's not open a ticket for this issue as it's not something we can fix on our end. However, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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