Strained Ankle experience


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First of all, I love this game.

(any survival game without zombies is a big plus for me!)

Currently I am trying to get pass the 2 day barrier and I always fail for some reason :)

The last death kinda puzzled me..

"strained ankle"

first aid told me, bandages, painkillers and 4 hours rest.

Since I did not have painkillers, I used only bandages and rest.

for some reason the rest did not get checked off. which I find strange.

Why it did not get checked off is puzzling to me.

Furthermore, a suggestion to the first aid is the following..

some checks should be mandatory and some optional for a bonus)

for example with the strained ankle:

- bandages mandatory

- painkiller optional

- rest mandatory (4 hours with painkillers, 8 hours without painkillers)

and last, I laughed at the description


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Guest Alan Lawrance

This is good feedback, and something we'll take into consideration as part of the first aid system iteration. It makes total sense for some steps to be optional.

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Just a quibble about the sprained ankle and needing to take painkillers:

A "painkiller" wouldn't help heal a sprain. It wouldn't really heal anything. Perhaps an anti-inflammatory is a better general medication to have to take for injuries where you want to lessen swelling.

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