Hotkey to stop a search outdoors when you hear a wolf nearby


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Maybe we can have a Hotkey when we are outdoors, for when we hear a Wolf's growl, we can hit the Hotkey, and then stop the search altogether, so we can then look around. If we see a wold, we take the appropriate actions.

If there is nothing there to worry about, we can then go back and finish the search off from where we left it.

This would stop killings while searching, as well as give you a sense of security, being able to stop the search at any given time, especially when you know your in a Wolf Hotspot area. . . .

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I was actually going to post this earlier about taking that even 1 step further...

An Abort Key

Many times you click sleep and realize you set it way too high, or perhaps forgot to drink -- but there's no way to stop, so you are stuck watching while the entire time counts down.

Likewise with wood foraging... it would be nice to see little counter as the time progresses to show how much/what has been gathered so far. Then we can abort when we feel we have enough and there's still time counting away.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Anything with a progress bar should allow the player to abort. The natural key for this is ESC (for keyboards) as it is already used to back out of menus, including inspection mode. For a implementation point of view this won't be difficult, as we already went through the work to make these actions interruptable by wolf attacks and death.

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