Your near death experiences?


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15 minutes ago, day 75 on Stalker mode i was fishing. I was in the nearest fishing hut next to fishing cabins at Coastal Highway, trying to catch the 5 kilo fish achievement. I had a fire up and running for third day, my first attempt to save matches. My fire was going out, as i used the last 2 hours to make as much water as i could. I finished, and i heard loud growling outside, i picked my gun and pointed it at the wolf nearby ready to shoot.

However, storm caught up and the wolf ran away, i happily jumped into the furry warmth of my bearfurr bed, what a mistake.

I woke up, it was freezing. I was in hypotermia and as i jumped out of my bed, i noticed my health was 4%, adrealine rushed as i panicked wondering what happened. Why am i in hypotermia? Why am i so cold? Oh yeah, im naked! I quickly pulled all my clothes on which i had took off as the fire + my clothes made me sweat, warmth of my body was now only +1 celsius my health was now 1%, i quickly fire up the fireplace with two torches, last attempts to warm up

Few minutes passes... Im alive! My warmth is on 20%! And my health is on 1%...

I hop back into my bearfurr bed, sleeping for a hour to catch warmth. It works, im on full warmth but at the same time, im hallucinating. I cant see straight, my health is now 2% as i start to drag myself towars the Fishing Cabins, i have my rifle firmly in my hands ready to scare off any wolf that tries to attack me. Its hard to see, but finally i get to my warm, cosy cabin. I take a 4 hours nap, and watch my health go to 10%. I eat and drink until my hypotermia goes away, battle between death and living is over.


The Long Dark is truely a game in which single stupid but unnoticeable mistake can kill you. Had 1 my cloth had a celsius smaller warmth bonus, i would have died. Thank you Hinterlands!

If anyone else have near death experiences, please share them :D

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I got inspired to write down one of my experiences, some parts are fictional but its based on a true story :D

One cold day I was traveling to a place known as the Desolation Point, the wind was howling and wolfs where strafing through the cold wasteland.

I heard about this place called Hibernia which was some kind of wale processing facility before the geomagnetic storm happened, I thought it might be worth a visit, maybe I would find some tools there, a saw would come in handy...

As I was making my way to Hibernia I saw a bunch of wolves and even a bear guarding it, maybe the smell of the wale meat was still hanging around. I really wanted to get to this place, I only had one bullet left and I had the feeling chances are of finding some more in this abandoned factory. As I came closer and started to walk slowly across the frozen sea, trying to make as little noises as possible, the wind turned and carried my scent towards the wolves. I pulled my gun off my back and as soon as I had my finger on the trigger I already heard paws and claws on the ice behind me, I turned around and looked the wolf right in the eyes, it was baring its teeth and growling. I slowly started walking backwards, the muzzle of the gun pointing towards the wolf and it did not seem that it wanted to attack me and my pulse started to normalize, but suddenly I ran into something, the chicken wire fence surrounding this place got me caught. More wolves where approaching in the distance and I had to make a decision, do I run towards and past the wolves or do I use my last bullet... The sound of a gunshot is incredible loud if you haven't heard any cars or planes for a few weeks, it made all the other wolves flee, perfect as I needed to gut the wolf because a man has to eat if he wants to survive in this cold hell. It took me almost two hours to skin this poor thing, I didn't want to shoot it, but it was hungry and it was either him or me...

My heart just stopped when I heard the breathing of something really big behind me, a big black bear stood not even 5 meters from me, I did not hear him coming because I was so busy pulling the pelt off this wolf, the smell of blood must've caught the bears attention. I slowly stood up, a mistake, the bear made a jump and his paws threw me to the ground, I was feeling his steamy breath in my face and I passed out...

Was it the 350kg of pressure on my lungs, the pain of the bear digging his teeth into my shoulder or the fear which made me pass out? I don't know. But as I woke up It took me a few seconds to remember what just happened, I had pain everywhere and my vision was blurred, I looked around and saw my attacker who was just a few meters away feeding on the corpse of the wolf, I was lucky he liked that better then me.

I dragged my body a few meters away as the bear noticed me and stopped eating and turned around and started walking towards me, with shaky hands I pulled out a flare and light it up. That was the best thing I could have done, the bear stopped and was afraid to come any closer.

I barely made it into the factory and blood is pouring out of my shoulder, luckily I've found this bottle of antiseptic which burns like crazy but at least my wounds wont get infected.

I can barely see anything because of the pain and its also very dark in here, it looks like a mattress is laying in that corner, time to rest a bit...

The few pieces wolf meat I was able to grab before the bear surprised me will be very useful to keep my stomach filled for a few days while I recover from my wounds.

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