New Update! Alpha Sandbox v.094 Released for PC and Mac!

Guest Alan Lawrance

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Guest Alan Lawrance

The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha v.094 Changelist

August 22nd, 2014


  • Savegames from v.08x have been confirmed to work with v.094.

  • General bug fixing and optimization.

Art & Animation

  • Lightened up the ambient lighting conditions for Storm and Cloudy weather types.

  • Added reload animations to the Rifle.

  • Reduced the size of the Hardwood and Softwood gear meshes.

  • Updated the flame effects on the Match.


  • Added sounds for the Hatchet and Knife wearing out.

  • Added a reverb flag for interior/exterior Rifle shots.

Gameplay & Tuning

  • The Dresser container type has been updated with its own dedicated Loot Table.

  • Verified camera directions for all Spawn points.

  • Added a new Secret Location to the world.

  • Wolves will now stop to feed on fresh Deer kill. The amount of meat that can be retrieved from a carcass is affected by how long a Wolf feeds on it.

  • Carcass temperature influenced by external conditions. Carcasses can not be harvested by hand once they are 50% frozen.

  • Compression and Heavy Bandage types have been consolidated into one Bandage. This Bandage will treat both Blood Loss and Sprains.

  • Sewing Kits are now required for Clothing repair

  • Sewing Kits now degrade 5% per use (was 20%).

  • Sewing Kits are no longer stackable; their Condition is tracked individually.

  • Magnifying Glass firestarter now only works outdoors, during the day, in Clear or Partly Cloudy weather conditions.

Menus, HUD, UI

  • Carcasses that have been fed on are labeled “Ravaged”.

  • Fixed Navmesh issues around Unnamed Pond.

  • Fixed bug with objects sometimes being resized when removed from containers.

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