Racing Heartbeat

Bill Tarling

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Since Will isn't a seasoned marathon runner, perhaps audio for a racing heartbeat could be used when he's pushing the limits [running too long].

While he does burn calories faster, and gets fatigued quicker -- it's still too tempting to simply run everywhere (the calorie and fatigue penalty aren't too severe).

I'm thinking once he reaches a certain point, the heartbeat should click in and perhaps the calories and fatigue gain an even slightly higher penalty if he doesn't slow or rest.

If it's prolonged running because of following wolves, then adrenaline would keep him going a little bit, but once safe that has a big impact on the fatigue level.

The locations are currently close enough to each other that it becomes habit to just sprint to each place (e.g. Lookout Tower and Logging Camp) -- but he really shouldn't be able to long distance run [e.g. Lookout Tower to Office Camp] without a heavier penalty to maintain the pace.

There should be a short recoup period (even if just walking normal pace for a couple of game time minutes to regather breath)

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