No Guts No Glory

Bill Tarling

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While the guts are used for repairs and such, they should also be considered as perhaps a main drop decoy (with a nice splatter sound from Dave as they hit the ground) -- and some loss if used as a decoy and simply regathered (since you would be tossing them down rather than placing them in a pile).

As well, carrying them should also attract the wolves a little more (expand the radius they can first ping you from)... Likewise with carrying raw meat (scent should be strong enough to make it easier to attract wolves -- which is why you need to decide whether to carry with you for decoy, or cook soon so scent isn't quite as strong).

That way you can't just go around and collect stockpiles of meat -- the more raw stuff you carry, the further the wolves can be attracted to you. Carrying a backpack full of raw steaks and guts is like broadcasting a free all you can eat buffet to the predators. :twisted:

And sick as it may sound, I would like to see the guts combinable with water to create a protein broth (might need purification tablets too or something to help cut down on rancid food poisoning potential, but would allow a last resort supply of food at the cost of losing some of your water supply) -- need to decide which is most critical at the time.

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