Coastal Highway cans

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Would you happen to remember any details about the house or location on the map?

e.g. on island, near fishing gear, across street from Service Station, had fireplace or not, single or 2-level house, color of house, etc.

Any additional info will help us track down the house.

There should be another Xbox hotfix update early next week, so it's possible it has been fixed in that one if it matches one of the ones from the PC version.

Thank You :)

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When you go into the log sort there is a house right off the main coastal road before you get to the trailer. It's right at the intersection of the main highway and the road to the train unloading area. There is no fireplace and single level from what I remember. Think it's a basic house with 3 rooms (kitchen, living, bedroom).

Could tell you more, but lost that game last night because I let a bear kill me after 98 days.

Hope this helps. Not a big deal as it's just funny to see them hanging in the air.

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