[solved] Can't Figure Out How To Re-Download on xBox

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Good morning, all.

I was having problems with losing saved games, so I decided to uninstall and then reinstall to see if it fixed them. However, I am unable to figure out how to reinstall the game now. I click on the icon on home homepage and select "Install" but then nothing happens. I go to the game in XBox Store but there is nothing that I can select other than "Pin" and "Rate".

Can anyone post step-by-step instructions for me? I don't really use my XBox One that much, so it may just be my unfamiliarity with the system itself. Can anyone help?


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Nowhere does it say that. I got to the store and it states that I have already purchased it, but there is no option for me to download it and no way to actually re-install it.

The problem is a bit bizarre.

Thanks for the response, though.

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