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We have cloth. We have scrap metal. If you already have a fire going, you should be able to make char cloth which could then be used as an accelerant to drastically improve your chances of starting a fire in the future.

I am kind of thinking if you sacrifice a piece of scrap metal AND a cloth (which is a pretty big sacrifice) then you should get a quite a few char cloths from the process.

This would possibly get a fresh survivor with little skill in fire starting out of a bad situation in the future. But would also make them think about longer term survival due to the material the would have to sacrifice.

This type of decision making would work well with the concept of planning for future hard times and would reward those who demonstrated survival forethought.

I know the new fire starting method with more interactivity was being mulled over by Raph, but in addition to having more user interaction, I think the pre-planning for success would add another level of depth.

Fire starting should be a bit tougher as far as odds of success. It should feel like an accomplishment.

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Also, I have to give my co-worker "Hol Man" credit for this additional thought...

If you start a fire without accelerant your fire starting skill should go up a bit more than if you use an accelerant. After all, you give me enough gas and a match...I'll get that fire started and I wouldn't have learned much during the process.


Maybe start with a much lower skill: 25% or so:

Without accelerant = big increase in skill level.

With accelerant = marginal skill increase.

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I agree with the bonus to starting a fire without "Accelerant" but not really understanding at all what "Char Cloth" is and how it fits into a survival situation. I think it maybe just a little too abstract of a concept for your basic survivor to combine metal and cloth for a fire starting system, moreover scarp metal really should be saved for gun repair, TV/VCR repair, learning the personal computer, auto mechanics, electrician, animal care specialist, interior decorating, teacher's aide, air conditioning repair, electronics, drafting, hotel and restaurant management, fitness and nutrition, or PC repair. At least that's what Sally tells me:

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