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Hi all,

I didn't know if it's explained before. I just made a little search and couldn't find anything.

I want to ask that, which type of animals will be in game? I only saw wolf and deer on gameplays. Will there be any animals in Early Access version or full version?

I really want to see an eagle over my hunt, waiting for take it. :)

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  • Hinterland

We'll be adding more wildlife! Exact list TBD.

Most likely we'll add some more "game" animals like rabbits, etc. More birds for ambience as well as information. Bears, cougars (maybe), etc.

Depends a lot on what people want and how we can incorporate them. For me, everything in the game has to provide some meaningful gameplay value as well as adding to the richness of the setting.

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A-ha, I didn't notice owl. :D

Actually I want more various animals like in Don't Starve. There are tons of animals and it makes game better in my opinion.

And seems like there is no chance to cutting down a tree in game. ( I didn't see it on Alpha gameplay at least.) Will there be an option like this to get wood?

And lastly, how can I look all contents like this? (animals, crafting things etc.) Is there any page for it? I looked at website and Kickstarter page but couldn't find any explanation for this things.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.