Whetstone & Knife/Hatchet Harvesting


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The below qoute was taken from the Bug Report area of the forum. I rather than hijack that thread with a "Wish List" item, I figured it would be more appropriate to post it here...


I'm actually pretty ok with the idea of you not being able to harvest meat without a knife or hatchet, or really slowing it down and even possibly disallowing harvesting from frozen carcasses without a tool.

But, this will mean revisiting the tuning around the availability of those tools in the world. The simple fix will be to give you a knife in starting inventory. Have to think about that some more.

As far as the knife/harvest issue goes. My thoughts are no knife or hatchet = no harvesting. But if you want to give a knife to Will at the start, that makes total sense to me. It doesn't have to be a knife in wonderful condition, but maybe one that will get a couple uses. Good enough to keep you alive for a day or two...but you better keep searching for a better one or materials to repair that knife. I can't imagine any bush pilot flying in N. Canada or Alaska without a survival knife actually strapped to their body.

Now, my Wish List item would be a whetstone for sharpening the edged tools. I think this could possibly reduce deterioration and harvest time. This way good basic maintenance is rewarded.

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