The Long Dark Sandbox update — Desolation Point v.264

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We’ve just updated The Long Dark’s Sandbox to v264: “Desolation Point.”

Please take a minute to check out our latest update video, outlining the new features and content in the Desolation Point update:

[bBvideo 560,340:2qb9wvqj]


We’re very excited to introduce a new region in this update, Desolation Point, a stretch of coastal highway pockmarked with the abandoned remnants of a formerly thriving whaling industry. You can find Desolation Point by going to the end of the Coastal Highway, passing through the Commuter’s Lament, and continuing onward. Good luck finding the way!


You can now place any gear item in a valid location in the world (vs. dropping it on the floor). Please review the Controls/Keybindings in Options for more details on how to accomplish this.


In addition to the new region, we’ve added Metal Forging gameplay. There is currently only one Forge in the game. It behaves as a hybrid of a Stove, and a Crafting Table. You first light the Stove part to build up heat, and then add Coal (a new fuel type which can be found in the mines scattered around the Sandbox world) to raise the forge’s temperature to sufficient levels. Using a Hammer and raw materials like scrap metal, you can now forge a small number of improvised tools.


We’ve also updated the Weather system, to allow for longer and smoother transitions in and out of weather states. We also telegraph bad weather (like blizzards) more, so you can begin to prepare yourself. Weather transitions now occur in patterns, so that you can gradually learn to “read” the weather. Keep in mind that there are multiple weather patterns for each weather type, and that weather patterns change from region to region.


We’ve removed all on-screen text from the HUD, and replaced it with icons. We’ve also replaced the old Survival Panel with a new Status screen, which is where you also access your Backpack, First Aid, Bedroll, and Fire-starting.


You can now run up to 5 simultaneous Sandbox games. Please note that there is still only one save slot per game, and this change does not affect permadeath in any way. Multiple Sandbox game slots just means that you can have multiple concurrent Sandbox games — for example, a separate Stalker and Voyageur run, one starting in Pleasant Valley and the other starting in Mystery Lake. You can now also stop fighting with your sibling/partner/spouse about whose turn it is to play the game!


There are many other changes! Please take a few minutes to check out our update video:


*Added new region, Desolation Point.

*Added new item placement system.

*Added Forging gameplay.

*Added new Tools: Hammer, Improvised Knife, Improvised Hatchet.

*Added new Fuel type: Coal

*Added new location discovered on-screen text.

*Replaced all HUD text with icons.

*Updated Survival Panel with new Status screen.

*Updated Weather system, both visuals and to introduce weather patterns.

*Updated Wind system and wind sounds. Wind now changes based on altitude, location, temperature, and time of day.

*Added new Gear Sound system. You can hear certain gear sounds when moving through the world, if you have certain items in inventory.

*Added wider support for gamepads on PC/Mac.


*Fixed issue with only rolling for food poisoning when partially eating an item

*Fixed brightness issues on Mac; lighting conditions now match PC

*Sort and Filter buttons shift to the active inventory or container section of the UI

*Players can now drink water directly from Inspection mode

*Light torch UI only shows fire option after clicking on a burning fire

*Fixed issue where players could not fill a container to 100% full

*Fixed issue with books changing weight after being dropped

*Struggle and Fire actions now use the Interact binding.

*When rebinding movement actions to arrow keys, arrows can navigate menus

*Fixed small delay after crafting an item where you can’t use the craft button

*Fixed confusing wording in “condition too low” when trying to harvest a carcass

*The game now saves when the player is woken up from sleep

*Fixed torches so they emit heat

*Fixed break down audio loop playing forever if break down is interrupted

*Dropped and scattered items will only be randomly oriented/embedded if in snow

*Only wake player up after fire dies out if player is freezing

*Player will not receive torn clothing events if not wearing any clothes

*Fixed AI issues with wolves after attacking player holding a flare

*Fix crafting exploit (switching items while crafting in progress)

*Fixed crafting issue that could sometimes require longer crafting time than necessary.

*Fix for graphical glitch related to light shafts [Xbox One]

*Modified struggle damage modifiers for various tools, and added modifiers for the new Improvised Knife, Improvised Hatchet, and Hammer

*Reduced the Condition-cost to tools when using them to clear ice-fishing holes

*You can now clear ice-fishing holes with Hammers and Prybars

*Increased Prybar durability

*Modified animal carcass harvesting times

*Tool chests and Toolboxes are now more likely to have tools in them

*Hammers can be used to break down crates, furniture, etc.


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Thank you all so much Hinterland!! I've loved this game since buying it and I'm very excited to check out the new content. This game has not been released and already I know its one of a handful of games I will love for my whole life :) Thanks again guys, keep up the spectacular work!!

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[glow=red]XBox update is now live![/glow]

My game is crashing after the update :/

"The game crashed.

The crash report folder named "2015-09-17_210300" next to game executable.

It would be great if you'd send it to the developer od the game!"

Anyone knows why?

Please post in our technical forums, and one of our testers will get you sorted. We don't do too much troubleshooting in announcement threads. Link here:



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long last...well not that guys work fast...what a pleasure...

love the graphic on the fonts when I get to a new spot...very slick

still havn't figured out how to place things...but I just fooled around for a few hours...

sounds and graphic is really improved...not that it needed in my opinion but what a delight...

really enjoy the few changes I've experience on the weather change...and I can't wait to check out the new crafting stuff..

I started a new game in Pleasant thinking the new map would go from there...( should have read the update ) but good thing since I now have a reason to backtrack through the mine and gather me some coal... are inovative and fresh...thank you for a so fare great update...

Carry on ;)

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still havn't figured out how to place things...but I just fooled around for a few hours...

Simply drop an item on the ground, and use your secondary selection key (Left trigger on your controller, or right mouse button) and you'll enter placement mode.

Glad you're enjoying the update!

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[glow=red]XBox update is now live![/glow]
My game is crashing after the update :/

"The game crashed.

The crash report folder named "2015-09-17_210300" next to game executable.

It would be great if you'd send it to the developer od the game!"

Anyone knows why?

Please post in our technical forums, and one of our testers will get you sorted. We don't do too much troubleshooting in announcement threads. Link here:



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FIrst impressions

I just read over the updates, and while I feel like electricity/car batteries would have been very cool, your team has completely caught me off guard, and I have high hopes for the new area, I have not played yet, as it is downloading, but you added some much needed features, i am extra excited about the extra game slots, as well as being able to explore the new area, while forging is something I wasn't necessarily looking for, it was by no means an unwelcome surprise :D. I love the fact your team is working on constant quality improvements, and I can't believe how far this game has developed in the time I've been playing. I remember a time where hiding in a fishing shack tore all my clothes to pieces and I couldn't go outside or let the fire go out and I was trapped for 12 days until I met my demise trying to make a run for it. Now we are here.

I love the game and love where it is going, if I had any input, it is that thought the electricity is ambitious, I feel it may be hard to execute. That being said I would love if there was at least some way to utilize cars and their resources. Maybe consider external elements of the game to be able to be harvested such as siphoning gasoline or maybe the spark plugs and battery from a vehicle? I feel like you guys have something big in mind... so i don't mind waiting, this game has given me so much to enjoy.

My only real note is in regards to these mythical bunkers. I have played 100 hours in the sandbox and never found a single one and have no clue what they look like. I am dying to find one, but if they do exist, please make them a LITTLE easier to find or at the very least a little more common? on that note the increased gun spawns now give me a gun way to easily in stalker, it would be cool if maybe a specialty repair kit was added so that the gun needs to be fixed before it becomes operable? I don't know, I feel like more layers of difficulty in the early stages will really add to the level of decision making required to be successful in this game.

Sorry for rambling, this game really gets me in a talkative mood. At any rate I appreciate all of the work being done, and I love the direction and responsiveness of the Hinterland team. Best Devs ever :) tyvm for making such a good game, I have raved about it to just about everyone that will listen.

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Just fired up the new update and made my way to Desolation Point (Won't give any spoilers, check out Bethany's post for a hint) and then QUIT!

Why quit? Well the best and hardest part of this game is when you are dropped in the middle of nowhere with literally just the shirt on your back and no idea which way salvation lies...

By making it to Desolation Point and quitting I can now start a new game in a random spot in a region I know nothing about with little or no gear to help me! It's like a whole new game again! When you've logged close to 500 hours in this game you pretty much know every region by heart so this is a rare treat!

I didn't see that much on my way from Coastal Highway but I started on a clear moonlit night and it looked AWESOME! Might have to start going out at night now because it was a huge change from the "I can't see my hand in front of me"-darkness that we used to have. Absolutely beautiful!

And for the first time we have a use for the crouch-mechanism! Not that it was difficult to execute but a nice touch.

If only you could have dropped the update's morning here in Europe now and I'm contemplating taking a sick day... ;)

Guess I'll have to wait for a few more hours but totally worth it!

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