#67 | Multiple Glitches Around Pond - Video - (v.082/.083)

Bill Tarling

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Some of these already have tickets, so this is just for visual reference.

NOTE: While v.083 is released, Accurize showed he was still only updated to v.082 in this video.


Start video at 35:15 mark to see various bugs/glitches one after the other

1) Floating Icicles

2) After pressing F9 for screenshot, changing coordinates remain on the play screen

3) When he turns from floating icicles, you can see wolf spinning in place in the background @ 35:42 mark

4) Takes longer to gut carcass with hatchet and uses more calories than using bare hands (video at 36:00 mark)

5) HOMESTEAD (@ 48:25 mark) - no light from lit wood stove

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Wow, I'm glad I read this post. I was about to list all those individually and probably be sent to forum jail for aggravated repeat posting! :lol:

I forgot all about that little glitch of the hatchet actually hindering you compared to bare hands when harvesting from a carcass.

Thanks Tarling!!

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