Some suggestions regarding animals (and their products)

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This is a list of suggestions surrounding the general behaviour of animals at large in the game.


  • Leave evidence of their activities by scratching trees. Also should have an animation when close to a scratching tree that explains these markings
  • have defined territories and a home "base"
  • have a finite number - as in, once you've shot the last bear, that's it, no more bears. Number of bears randomly determined between 4 and 7


  • Irregular sleeping habits, tend to group together as they graze - lone individuals would happen, but would be more rare. Gather under the cover of coniferous trees for shelter, and only sleep partially during the night, continually moving to avoid predators.
  • would take cover in hollows and behind logs during blizzards. Overexposure leads to their death (in a slow, non-dramatic fashion, please)


  • Are inactive from 11am to 6pm (they would be hiding in caves or secluded hollows to sleep) - with the exception of active aurora, in which case they don't sleep at regular times until the aurora settles down
  • tend to team up with other wolves when they encounter each other, forming packs of up to three wolves - aurora disbands them until they meet up again
  • are most active at the dawn and dusk periods, but are also active throughout the night

Additional attributes

(this applies to all animals)

Occasional deaths should occur where they succumb to the cold, allowing the occasional windfall of flesh, pelt and gut, similar to the "ravaged deer" carcasses.

Animals should leave droppings as well as foot prints, allowing them to be tracked. It also enables the player to identify wolf "danger" areas. It should also be possible to dry deer droppings and use them as fuel (since yak dung has been used for thousands of years as a fuel in Mongolia, why not use deer dung as a fuel in Canada?).

that's it for now, if I have any additional ideas I will add them later.

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I would like wolves to be much more dangerous in groups but less so alone - enough that one should be able to intimidate "most" wolves simply by yelling and runnning at his direction. But they should prowl much more in groups, such that the player won't be able turn and face them, and upon a flank attack, the other wolves will participate.

Its odd how their chosen method of attack seems to be the direct charge, but wolves usually attack much more strategically.

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Its odd how their chosen method of attack seems to be the direct charge, but wolves usually attack much more strategically.

As the game says at the start the geomagnetic thingy somehow affected the animals' behavior and that's basically the reason why wolves and bears attack us on site. So I guess that change includes their attack method and the lack of packs. :)

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