New Update! Alpha Sandbox v.083 Released for PC and Mac!

Raphael van Lierop

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The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha v.083 Changelist

August 13th, 2014

NOTE: Please remember that The Long Dark Sandbox Alpha is in a constant state of flux as we continue to fix bugs and tune the game. Gameplay features or tuning values are often experimental, and may be modified or even removed between updates.


  • General bug fixing and optimization.

Art & Animation
  • Added new Wolf turning animations.
  • General art and animation fixes.


  • You will now hear heartbeat audio when your Condition drops to a certain level.
  • (EXPERIMENTAL) Music stingers added to some weather transition types.

Gameplay & Tuning

  • Complete overhaul of the Animal Harvesting system. You now invest time and select the type of resource to harvest from an animal carcass: Meat, Hide, Gut. You can use a Knife or a Hatchet to harvest from carcasses (each has pros/cons). Frozen carcasses take longer to harvest.
  • Complete overhaul of Wildlife Spawning system. Wildlife will now spawn only if there is valid population remaining per a 24-hour period. Fresh carcasses (ex. Wolf kill) will decay (due to predation and the elements). It is now possible for a spawn region to become depopulated.
  • Water Purification tablets have been added to the game. It is now possible to purify non-potable water without the use of a fire.
  • Tools no longer repair Clothing.
  • The Sewing Kit can now be used to Repair clothing, and degrades on use.
  • The Dam is now more interesting to explore.
  • You can now Smash canned food to open it. Smashing cans results in some loss of Calories for that food item.
  • You can now use Matches as a weak light source. Select “Strike” when selecting Matches from inventory, or use the ‘M’ key as a shortcut. Matches will be blown out by wind.
  • We no longer degrade Condition for Blood Loss or Infection during Rest, if Rest is the only requirement remaining to heal that affliction.
  • Carcass harvest and Condition data is now saved properly.
  • Corpses/carcasses will despawn if their Condition reaches 0%. Frozen corpses/carcasses do not decay.
  • Search times for Lockers, Cabinets, Desks, etc. have been reduced.
  • The base Repair skill has been increased, so individual repair actions should be more successful.
  • Condition increase benefits of successful Repairs have been reduced.
  • Increased the chance of outdoor Rest being interrupted by wildlife.
  • Have tuned base temperature for all interior locations. Some were much too warm.
  • Removed temperature trigger from Hunter’s Blind.
  • Modified player starting Gear to include: an extra Heavy Bandage, two doses of Antibiotics (4 pills). (The first ones are free.)

Menus, HUD, UI

  • Added FOV settings to the Display options menu. These settings are currently clamped until further playtesting can be done. Note that interiors are clamped at the optimal FOV, while exterior FOV (horizontal) can be modified within the current limits. This feature will be modified based on further feedback.
  • Added a UI kicker that indicates when a Tool has lost Condition due to use.


  • New screenshot system. F8 takes a debug screenshot (includes in-world coordinates to help with bug-fixing). F9 takes a small screenshot (suitable for sharing online). F10 takes a 16x sampled screenshot (suitable for wallpapers, etc.).


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