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I had a wolf stalk me, then I ran for 3 ½ minutes and every time I turned around and he was still right on my arse (Well could see him in the distance and he would be in the stalking hunch). I got to unnamed pond, and I went around it, and turned and he wasn’t following me, so I backtracked and found him walking on the spot at the co-ordinates in the screen cap.

I then walked right up to him, until I was 6 feet awash, and he growled and then just stood there and I got right up to him as seen in screen cap v.083

Ill put it in forum Scouts Home as well as a ticket ??

He finally attacked when I went right to him . . .

Ticket entered into db . .

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Yeah, the pathfinding around Unnamed Pond is buggy -- we've got a ticket for it already, but it doesn't hurt to have another concrete example.

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Too easy Alan.

But I am concerned over the stalking bit. If he didn't get stopped at the Pond, then I would still be running from him.

The distance they react to seeing you is ok, but when I ran (was always flat land or downhill 90% of the time) I would turn and see him off in the distance still stalked down following my path.

Once he passed a tree, and I straffed left to see him, and couldn't at all, then staffed right again and he was on top of me.

I ran down hill then and for a good 30-40 seconds, and I turned and he was still stalking me off in the distance coming my way.

There is know way to get away from them now.

Other instance was derailment, He saw me, so I turned and ran, turned and ran backwards and he was still there, turned and ran all the way to Tunnel collapse and I hunkered down there and waited. He killed me so I'm positive he dialed it up TOO much ;)

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