Camp Office Wolf Weirdness (v0.82)


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Was walking up to the Camp Office right as reached the door a wolf jumped through the wall, only heard a growl right when I saw him. Kinda awesome cause I literally jumped back from computer but probably not good to have wolves move through walls.

There is one more detail to this bug which makes it a bit of a multi-bug when the wolf attacked me I immediately started tapping the left mouse button and I poof I was whisked away to inside the Camp Office, no wounds no trace of the wolf.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

This is something we found internally (CampOffice not affecting collision or navmesh)... the trailers had the same problem. We fixed rigging on these assets, but looking at the history, the navmesh wasn't regenerated for the scene. So we are probably going to push the build out with this issue, but it will be fixed for Beta (Aug 22).

The clicking on door while in wolf attack is an interesting one -- in some ways it's nice to cut an escape that close, but I agree it's not realistic. It's more of a design question on how to handle this, so we can see what Raph has to say.

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