Why is there no more backer slots available?

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Let me begin by suggesting to Hinterland and affiliates an idea that may or may not be fresh. The alpha and beta backers helped quite a bit to fund the early and mid stage of the development of the game. Then it jumps to pre-ordering, which I did last July. If there is no more baking section possible, which enables on to play the early alpha sandbox, does that mean the game will not get developed to its full potential, or does it mean Hinterland made enough money and are now backed by other source(s)?

I believe its a great idea to have a game come along from nothing to something with the support of individuals who will play it and feel involved in the process, and therefore Hinterland and backers will get the credit for it together as opposed to bringing in another company name into it which they get a piece of the credit. Anyhow back to the idea I had in mind. Hinterland is a business of video game entertainment. As in any business, they need to make profit to prosper. Would it not be a good idea to open a Charlie backer section to continue involving us in the further development of the game?

Charlie and perhaps delta backers could push the game much further. Perhaps a bigger map, or other maps/season or even a TLD 2. Ideas for the main TLD game are endless, and resources to make it happen are not.

Some games are "15min of fame type game" and some carry on to sequels and years of interest and playing. I will not name any because people know them, but thought perhaps this is a fresh idea or and old one, and there is no topic or posts about this yet that I have seen.

Well have a nice week-end everyone ! The fox will wait and starve a little for the steam access coming soon he he he !!!


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