Wolves and Wind


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Hi all,

I'm not an Alpha, but have been avidly watching any and all youtube vids so far and watching a new one I was struck with the thought; 'do wolves have a sense of smell in the game?'

ie; is being down-wind advantageous, and up-wind a bad idea?

If you know which way the wind is blowing, which is all to obvious in some of those gales (:

Or for now are the wolves mostly acting on vision? Sound?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered,

Looking forward to playing this beautiful game!

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Good question! Currently no, but this is something that could get added. We certainly have all the info needed to make this happen.

Wolves rely on sight and hearing to locate prey (including the player) now.

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Wolves seem a bit overpowered too. It seems hard to kill them sometimes. I'm wondering if we'll get more tools to address them.

Oh, I don't know about the wolves being underpowered. Look at what an attack dog will do to a person, and realize that wolves are their wild, never-been-domesticated cousins...

Heck, even coyotes can kill people. A female hiker was killed in a coyote attack in the Maritimes a few years back.

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